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MAY 8, 2019

Incorporating Technological Advances to Improve Efficiencies

Throughout our history, Gintzler International – NY, a Resource Label Group Co., has remained focused on investing in our people, processes, equipment and innovation to help clients achieve their corporate packaging goals.  We work diligently to stay ahead of the curve and constantly seek ways to improve efficiencies.  By finding creative solutions to keep our costs down, we’re better able to pass savings on to our customers and hold prices despite rate increases beyond our control – such as material and freight costs. 

Approximately one year ago, Gintzler became one of the first flexographic printing companies to replace traditional hard case cylinders with a lighter, more durable version.  The new cylinders feature an exclusive ceramic coating that provides extreme wear, scratch, chemical and corrosion resistance.  This new technology will not chip, crack, peel or rust, and will also extend the life of our print tooling investments.  In addition to being more cost effective, the lead time for the new cylinders is two weeks shorter than that of traditional hard case cylinders. 

In other recent news, Gintzler became the third printer in the country to utilize a new vacuum booster anvil roll that improves the removal and collection of die cut chads.  This combination system features an anvil with synthetic posts that runs in tandem with a vacuum rotary die.  The patterned posts on the anvil “push” the die cut chads into the vacuum cavity.  This new technology lasts three times longer than previous versions and has proven to be the perfect solution to a historically challenging job for a client in the medical industry.  Benefits include increased press speeds, decreased press stops, and improved finishing times. 

Serving the medical and pharmaceutical industry, we are often presented with exciting opportunities and challenging requests for custom die cuts, specialty materials, unique performance features and tight deadlines.  Gintzler embraces these tasks and has a strong history of providing packaging solutions that deliver solutions best suited to meet the needs of the individual customer.  Incorporation of these technological advancements is evidence of Gintzler’s continued commitment to improving efficiencies and keeping innovation a top priority.

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