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JAN 9, 2019

6 Specialty Packaging Solutions for Healthcare Applications

As the pharmaceutical industry introduces more sophisticated and effective health solutions, Gintzler International, a Resource Label Group Co., continues to keep pace with the evolving industry through packaging innovations. 

1.  Tamper-Evident Security Labeling

Gintzler’s tamper-evident security labeling solutions leave visible evidence behind in the event of unauthorized access, alteration or replacement of a product.  For instance, destructible labels may be integrated into the packaging design to leave behind a void pattern once the container has been opened and support optimum brand protection.  

2.  Anti-Counterfeit Labeling

Anti-counterfeit labeling protects pharmaceutical products against counterfeiting with enhanced security features such as RFID tags, serialization codes, hard-to-copy features, holograms, color shifting ink and other anti-piracy measures.  We can integrate these attributes into your label designs to enable authorities and/or consumers to tell the difference between authentic products and counterfeit drugs. 

3.  Sensor Technology

Sensor technology helps to ensure consistent quality of temperature-sensitive products.  Our NFC temperature tags, for example, give brand owners real-time access to critical temperature information during product transportation and storage, and in laboratory environments where climate control is essential. 

4.  Syringe Labeling

Gintzler offers labels specifically designed for small diameter syringes and auto-injectors for better dosage security and sterility.  These solutions meet requirements for tight mandrel performance and mitigate the chance of edge lift or other costly failures on the packaging line. 

5.  Blood and Plasma Bag Labels

Gintzler can provide reliability and simplicity for identification labeling utilizing specialized materials that withstand rigorous lifecycles and communicate information consistently.  Our blood and plasma bag labels can withstand extreme temperatures and offer robust product performance. 

6.  IV Hang Tags with Spot Piggyback Labels

Gintzler International has created a special IV bag hang tag that incorporates spot piggyback labels to aid in tube identification.  This innovative solution helps to easily identify medications and dosages, delivers a highly visible indicator of the drug being deliv­ered to the patient, provides traceability back to the IV bag, and reduces the potential for medication errors.

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