Pharmaceutical Packaging
DEC 5, 2018

4 Main Functions of Enhanced Pharmaceutical Packaging

Packaging encompasses the collection of different components which surround a pharmaceutical product from the time of production until its use.  Packaging is responsible for providing life-saving drugs, medical devices, medical treatments, and more.  The pharmaceutical packaging market is constantly advancing, as drug manufactures demand reliable and speedy packaging solutions that deliver a combination of needs. 

The following are four main functions of advanced pharmaceutical packaging: 

  • Containment - Containment is the most fundamental function of packaging for pharmaceutical products.  Packaging design must take into account the needs of the product, as well as the manufacturing and distribution system.  This requires the packaging to not leak, nor allow diffusion and permeation of the product; to be strong enough to hold contents under normal handling; and not be altered by the ingredients of the formulation. 
  • Protection - The packaging must protect the product against all adverse external influences that may affect is quality or potency – such as light, moisture, oxygen, biological contamination, and counterfeiting.
  • Identification and Information - Printed packaging serves the functions of providing both identification of and information on medicinal products.  Information normally included on pharmaceutical labels can include usage instructions, dosages, potential side effects and manufacturing dates.  
  • Convenience - Convenience is associated with product use or administration.  For example, a single use syringe may eliminate the need for preservative and reduce risks associated with cross infection by administering only a unit dose.

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