JUL 9, 2018

Incorporate Engagement Technology into your Label with NFC

Near Field Communication (NFC) is a form of wireless technology incorporated into many of the most popular smartphones.  While it’s most commonly used in wireless mobile payment services like Android Pay™ and ApplePay™, NFC offers a wide variety of other applications, particularly with tags and labels.

By embedding small programmable NFC tags into labels, promotional materials, products and other mediums, companies can create a dynamic interaction with their users.  When a smartphone picks up the passive radio signal from an NFC label, users can access specific, real-time information via the company’s cloud server.  Tags can be programmed to activate when tapped or scanned up to two inches away.  And unlike Bluetooth and WiFi, NFC wireless communication uses a minuscule amount of the smartphone battery.  The NFC radio signal is also passive, so tags let users retrieve information they want, rather than a company sending it to them through disruptive advertising.

There are many benefits associated with NFC labels.  Perhaps the most significant is that their ease of use and versatility make this technology an appealing option to use for consumer engagement.  Anyone with a smartphone that has NFC reader capabilities can simply touch the phone to an NFC tag, which results in a frictionless exchange of data.  The phone signals up to the cloud, grabs the content and displays it on the screen.

Engagement methods and technology applications include:

  • continued customer interaction
  • coupons
  • cross-selling initiatives
  • customer loyalty programs
  • data and information access
  • instructions in multiple languages
  • medicine adherence
  • product authentication and use
  • re-orders
  • security, tracking and compliance
  • special offers and events
  • video tutorials
  • voice calls and text messages
  • websites

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