JUN 6, 2018

Why you should consider partnering with an ISO-registered label supplier

When looking for a label vendor, you’ll find there are a lot of choices out there, and screening potential contenders can be a bit of a challenge.  A quick way to identify the best label suppliers is to consider their commitments to quality, their abilities to meet customer expectations, and their familiarity with your industry and regulations.  Having an international standard to provide an objective comparison makes the task must easier.  That’s why you should consider partnering with an ISO-registered label manufacturer. 

So, what is ISO?  The International Organization for Standardization is an independent body that develops voluntary standards to which companies all over the world can adhere.  ISO certification sets a globally-recognized benchmark for a level of standardization to processes that ultimately leads to better productivity and overall safety.  It ensures that every aspect of a company is well-run – including management roles and responsibilities, documentation, customer satisfaction, employee training, and key processes. 

In order for a supplier to receive certification to ISO, it must establish and maintain a quality management system that ensures all aspects of a project are consistent and complete.  Processes are implemented to identify, prevent and resolve issues, and guidelines and efficiencies help improve workflow and accuracy.  Certification requires annual internal and external audits, ensuring the supplier is focused on the quality management system year round.   A company willing to invest time, resources and effort into maintaining certification is demonstrating its commitment to a quality management system. 

When you choose a label vendor that is certified to an ISO standard, you know you are working with an effective, efficient organization.  Benefits include:

  • A top management team committed to a quality management system
  • Consistent delivery of quality products
  • Quick resolution of customer issues
  • The monitoring, refining, streamlining and documenting  of all key processes
  • A focus on continuous improvement in customer service and satisfaction
  • Added assurance the supplier is operating to verifiable standards 

While holding certification to ISO certainly is a strong indicator of quality when selecting a label vendor, also consider asking your potential label supplier whether their most recent ISO certification audit resulted in any reported findings that needed correction.  Look for a vendor who is open about their certification to ISO and has a history of positive audit results. 

Gintzler International, a Resource Label Group Co., is certified to ISO 13485, an honorable distinction that very few packaging printers can claim.  This merit demonstrates our commitment to quality and customers, as well as our willingness to work towards improving efficiencies.  In addition, Gintzler has a strong history of partnering with manufacturers in the pharmaceutical and medical markets, servicing the industry for over 30 years.


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