Trends in Product Labeling
APR 4, 2018

Top Five Trends in Product Labeling

Following are the latest trends in label printing and design.  You’ll learn new ways to reinforce your branding and get the best value when purchasing labels.  And, we share key considerations that could affect your label in the near future.

1.      Highly decorative labels and increased shelf competition

With more products on store shelves than ever before, companies are looking to differentiate their products from competitors.  As a result, there’s been massive growth in labeling, and brands are increasingly turning to highly decorative labels to ear prominence on store shelves.

Some popular visual customizations include embossing, foil stamping and structured varnish finishes.  Additionally, many premium brands have transitioned away from traditional paper labels and are instead using more premium stock materials such as films, metallic foils and textured paper stocks.

2.      Increased design versatility, faster speed and lower cost with digital printing technology

In the past decade, digital label printing technology has progressed rapidly, forever altering the way brands bring products to market.

Digital presses, which require no printing plates, now offer the finest printing quality in faster speeds.  As a result, smaller print runs have become more affordable and the cost of testing and launching products has fallen significantly, further increasing product competition on store shelves.

3.      Changing regulations – planning for uncertainty

Regulatory changes continue to impact manufacturers and affect the information required on many product labels in several markets, including the pharmaceutical, chemical, and food industries.  In order to avoid situations of procuring labels that become obsolete and unusable due to regulatory changes, purchasing managers have turned to purchasing highly calculated order sizes.  Purchasers must increasingly balance present needs with the risk of future obsolescence. 

4.      Increased traceability with smart labels and mobile integration

Brand owners are facing increasing product traceability and distribution efficiency requirements.  New label technology has emerged and continues to develop, helping produces meet these needs.

For example, combined with the right inventory systems, smart labels allow manufacturers, distributors and retailers to automatically log inventory without the need to scan each label with a barcode scanner.  This saves time and money while improving accuracy and traceability.  Additionally, label technology using near-field communication (NFC) and mobile application allow manufacturers to authenticate products and see previous scan locations of those products.  These anti-counterfeiting functions greatly support chain-of-custody initiatives.

5.      Complexity and the move to consultative label printing

Procuring labels is no longer just a step in the process of bringing a product to market.  Today, with increased shelf competition, and the new complexities of label design and printing, it’s become a vital part of branding and inventorying.  More and more manufacturers require label vendors who are willing and able to be problem solvers and identify custom solutions, business partners who have specialty knowledge of regulatory and product safety requirements.

At Gintzler International, a Resource Label Group Co., complexity and consultative service are our specialties.  From concept to completion, we guide our clients through the entire label process, providing innovative packaging solutions to help get your product to market as smoothly as possible.  Contact a packaging specialist today at

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