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NOV 29, 2017

Top Packaging and Label Security Solutions

It is becoming more difficult to tell genuine products from fake ones, which jeopardizes public brand perceptions.  Manufacturers lose billions of dollars each year to goods that are counterfeit, interfered with, or diverted in the supply chain.  All economic sectors are affected, from consumer goods to electronics, wines and spirits to industrial spare parts. 

Specifically, drug counterfeiting is a growing problem for both pharmaceutical manufacturers and the patients they serve.  When questions arise regarding the authenticity of a product, manufacturers of these drugs experience damage to their brand image, sales and revenue.  Pharmaceutical brand managers must ensure their products are secure and can be authenticated in all phases of the value chain.  Successful companies address these challenges by integrating unique security features into their packaging. 

The terms “Tamper-Resistant” and “Tamper-Evident” are often used to describe the security of a package.  While tamper-resistant refers to a feature of the product packaging that is created to resist access to the product, tamper-evident packaging describes a feature that makes unauthorized access to the product easily detectable by the consumer.  Likewise, anti-counterfeiting labeling solutions incorporate hard-to-copy features to enable authorities and/or consumers to tell the difference between authentic and counterfeit products.  With their advanced and varied functionality, security labeling authenticates products, protects the company’s brand, promotes consumer health and safety, and reduces the risk of lost revenues and liability issues. 

Gintzler International, a Resource Label Group Co., helps manage anti-counterfeiting and diversion by implementing optimum security solutions that include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Destructible Labels – Made of specialty materials that rip and tear apart easily, such as vinyl.  Once applied to a surface, destructible labels cannot be removed in one piece.
  • Residue Labels – Made from a top-coated chrome polyester film with an underlying checkerboard or void pattern.  When the label is removed, the pattern underneath remains.  The label cannot be resealed or reused.
  • Detachable security/tamper proof features and warning areas
  • Hologram or specialty foils for anti-fraud protection
  • Taggant (covert or overt) security for anti-fraud protection, such as UV luminescent or watermark
  • Micro text for product authentication – visible only under magnification
  • Tamper evident security features (e.g. shrink sleeves) 

While food and drug manufacturers carry the highest risk, other industries have benefited from implementing features into their packaging to help combat shoplifting, return-fraud, unauthorized repacking of used components in brand name packaging, and even consumers wanting to sample products before purchasing.  With single or multi-layered security features that are customized to meet our clients’ specific needs, Gintzler helps to ensure your brand’s compliance with applicable regulatory standards while aggressively deterring fraudulent activity.  Protect your product and your brand with proven techniques.  Email

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