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SEP 14, 2017

Tapping into 100+ Years of Packaging Excellence

With so many brews competing for attention on store shelves, label packaging has become a critical part of any brand owner's marketing strategy.  Successful craft brewers have realized that when it comes to driving sales, what’s on the bottle is as important as the product inside.  Crafters are always looking to capture the attention of consumers with their unique packaging designs and give each brew a distinct identity.   By utilizing dynamic printing techniques and premium finishing capabilities, craft brewers speak directly to their customers through color, imagery, shapes, and textures on their packaging.  

As a longtime supplier to the craft beer industry, Gintzler International, a Resource Label Group Co., can help you achieve your branding goals by offering the following solutions:

  • Custom pressure sensitive labels for bottles, cans, and growlers
  • 360° Shrink sleeves for bottles or cans
  • Printed keg collars and wraps
  • Promotional products and instant redeemable coupons
  • Point-of-purchase items
  • Personalized flight cards 

In addition, our new SWAG keg collars and beer labels showcase our clients’ brands and include a peel-off sticker that can be used for:

  • Identifying kegs
  • Customer giveaways
  • Promotional offers and collectible programs
  • More... 

Just keep in mind there are a few key pieces of information that must be included when creating keg collars.

  • Cite the name of the company and where the product was brewed and packaged. Include the exact address!
  • Identify the product in the keg or container and it’s alcohol content (ABV).
  • Specify the size of the container (ex. 1/2BBL-15.5 US GAL.).
  • Include government warnings and tapping warning. 

Also... information must be legible under ordinary conditions, and on a contrasting background. The words “GOVERNMENT WARNING” must be in capital letters and bold type. 

Brewers can contact the TTB (Alco­hol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau) for additional label requirements. 

You crafted your own beer, now tap into our 100+ years of packaging excellence experience to help it stand out.  Gintzler International delivers unmatched label ingenuity, style and performance.  Contact us at

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