APR 12, 2017

SWAG – Gintzler Style

“Swag” has become the term of choice when describing a company’s go-to way of building brand awareness or connecting their offering with consumers.  Custom t-shirts, mugs, pens, and whatever we think might be “cool” at the moment helps marketers cost effectively promote a brand to a community, customers and even staff.

So, our #1 choice for SWAG?  Stickers and temporary tattoos, of course! 

Stickers and temporary tattoos are great promotional tools to build brand recognition.  Because of their small size and flat design, labels and tattoos can be given to customers easily at the point-of-sale, mailed in envelopes, or handed out at special events.  In addition, labels and temporary tattoos are extremely versatile, so they can be created for different products, seasonal promotions, collectible programs or specific occasions.

By their very definition, stickers get stuck to things like laptop covers, notebooks, desks, filing cabinets, street signs, etc., where they are constant sight of passersby.  Smart marketers realize the incredible amount of reach this gives their brand!  Gintzler’s customized swag labels and keg collars help showcase your brand and can include a peel-off sticker for added fun and functionality.  Glitter, holograms, thermochromic inks, and tactile elements are just a few of the specialty effects that may be incorporated to add flare to your swag stickers. 

Gintzler’s flexographically-printed tattoos are another great option for personalized swag.  We use smooth, water-release paper and FDA approved inks and adhesives.  The construction provides excellent clarity and brilliant color with consistent, uniform release.  Fully customizable, the tattoos are intended to be applied to the skin with ease and remain in place for 3-7 days.  This means that the user, as well as others who see the tattoo throughout this time, will be subtly reminded of your brand. 

If done correctly, and at the right times, swag campaigns can improve overall engagement, increase excitement about your product, support word-of-mouth marketing, and grow your brand identity to astounding numbers.  Email sales@gintzler.com for more information on these and other innovative product offerings.

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