Case Study:  Security Packaging Upgrades for Pharmaceutical
JAN 16, 2017

Case Study: Security Packaging Upgrades for Pharmaceutical

Executive Summary:

A pharmaceutical manufacturer was exploring the possibility of a label redesign on an injectable product. Their goal was to provide another layer of protection to the administration protocol, without adversely affecting the label application process within their manufacturing facility.


Due to the size of the vessel, the pharmaceutical manufacturer was limited in the area available to highlight the required precautionary instructions for the drug. Additionally, the newly designed label needed to work within the specifications of the current application equipment at the factory level.

The Approach and Solution:

Through a number of application tests with various materials, adhesives and perforation configurations, Gintzler International proposed a highly visible label that was capable of covering the vial’s cap by incorporating an adhesive deadened area to the design. This approach allowed the pharmaceutical manufacturer to apply the required warnings related to the use and application of the drug, and also added an extra security feature.

To address their customer’s targeted production efficiencies, Gintzler employed a high speed camera on their client’s labeling application line. The data gathered gave Gintzler the needed information to develop the proper adhesive capable of being applied at a high rate of speed without failure.


The label solution offered by Gintzler provided another level of security at the clinical level to ensure the correct prescription was being used, ultimately ensuring the well-being of patients. The pharmaceutical manufacturer was able to achieve their targeted run time utilizing the newly designed label without incurring added application expense.


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