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July 2017 – Glitter Ink

Glitter Ink

Screen printing is ideal for wherever a high degree of coverage, precise detail, and color intensity are desired to obtain a brilliant, superior-quality image.  Glitter is an example of a screen printing application, whereby large glitter particles are added into UV gloss coating.  Glitter can provide enhanced visual appeal to printed packaging by allowing designers to create unique, specialized effects with various colors, shapes, and dimensions. 

Glitter glamorizes your products and commands attention on store shelves, thereby optimizing your margin of profit and increasing sales turnover.  While glitter rotary screen may be utilized in a variety of markets, the high-sparkle effect of glitter is often incorporated into beverage and health and beauty packaging designs to keep product lines fresh, modern, and eye-catching. 

If you are looking for a stunning new look to add decorative value to your product, consider glitter rotary screen for your next design project.  Our packaging specialists are ready to guide and assist you!  Contact us at for a consultation today.

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June 2017 – Specialty Coatings

Specialty Coatings

Specialty coatings are just that – special.  They can perform a multitude of functions for a package or its contents – from protection to jazzing it up, providing enhanced value in form, function, or both. 

Textured clears, for example, give the appearance and feel of a rough surface and provide a unique, “foaming” effect.  Used in conjunction with gloss clears, this coating can provide both visual and tactile contrast between different areas of an image.  As print strives to become increasingly more interactive, textured clears enable a low color-contrast subject matter to stand out from the background. 

Contact a Gintzler Packaging Specialist today to explore more ideas on how to enhance your brand, demand customer attention, and create long-lasting consumer impact.  Email

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May 2017 – Color Your World

Color Psychology

When it comes to branding and packaging, color is a critical design component.  Colors are often used to trigger sensory reactions and emotions and to prompt consumers to make assessments about brands.  Colors can stimulate, excite, depress, tranquilize, increase appetite and create a feeling of warmth or coolness.  As such, color psychology is a key concept to consider when creating a brand identity and incorporating color into product package designs.

There are no absolute, concrete parameters for choosing a brand’s colors and packaging color scheme.  Brand owners shoot instead to capture a subtle feeling, mood, and brand image, because this has the ultimate power of persuasion.  The right color palette can establish brand differentiation, help attract new customers, increase brand recognition, and influence attitudes towards certain products. 

Because the first point of interaction with a buyer is shaped by color, and color is the most memorable sense, the colors chosen for product packaging have the potential to make or break a sale.  Although perception of color is subjective – both culturally and individually – color must support the brand’s personality and messaging.  Consider the following:

  • Does the color palette separate you from your competitors and shelf neighbors?
  • Does your product pop on the shelf?
  • Does your package look age and gender appropriate for your target audience?
  • What is your color saying about your product?  Your consumer?

Remember, a unique color palette, distinctive graphics and well-defined brand identity work synergistically.  If consistently maintained, your brand has the potential to become iconic.  Contact a Packaging Specialist at Gintzler today at to help guide you through the selection of colors and other design elements.

In the meantime, take a few moments for relaxation!  The popularity of coloring for adults has exploded in recent years.  A pastime once considered little more than a novelty can help you relax, reduce stress and boost mental clarity.

Let Gintzler help you enjoy the many benefits of coloring:

  • Enter a meditative state
  • Ignite mindfulness
  • Improve concentration and attention to detail
  • Lower stress and anxiety levels
  • Spark creativity
  • Stimulate the brain and senses
  • Unplug from technology

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April 2017 – Iridescent Films

Iridescent Film

Special effect films offer product designers, marketers and manufacturers a whole new array of choices when it comes to developing memorable and distinctive packaging.  They are available in a wide range of effects, from soft and subtle, achieved by emphasizing muted transmission colors, to vibrant and eye-catching, using intense reflection colors.

These special effect films offer an extensive color pallet to work from when used in combination with different background colors and materials.  For instance, decorative and glitter iridescent films can be used alone or with other films, graphics, background colors or embossing to achieve eye-catching effects.  The films can be laminated to any standard label stock and can be under-printed and/or overprinted. With this flexibility, the combinations of effects are limited only by the designer’s imagination.

Gintzler International can supply packaging utilizing a wide range of iridescent films to meet your desired look and style.  For more information, email today.

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March 2017 – Tactile Varnish

Tactile Varnish

Coatings play a vital role in the modern production of packaging and printing, offering both functional and fun qualities.  They protect the printed image and ensure trouble-free processing.  They provide high-end finishing characteristics and may add valuable properties to the package, such as barrier effects or heat-resistance.  They can add depth, dimensionality, and texture and can transform the consumer purchasing experience by appealing to multiple senses.

Over the years, innovations in specialty coatings have been developed which can help designers give tangible, tactile properties to their printed pieces.  These specialty effect coatings continue to gain popularity as brand owners attempt to distinguish their products from others on store shelves.

Gintzler International can provide innovative packaging solutions that incorporate various effects and coatings for all market applications.  This month’s calendar, for instance, features tactile varnish.  This raised UV coating gives a dimensional and realistic feel to images, as demonstrated on the water droplets.

Contact a Gintzler Packaging Specialist today at for assistance in adding distinction to your next packaging project.

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February 2017 – Thermochromic Inks

Thermochromic Inks

Gintzler International's color changing technology can help drive sales, increase product safety for consumers and assist brand owners in detecting fraud.

Thermochromic inks are temperature-sensitive compounds that change color with variations in climate.  This type of presentation allows marketers to capture the consumer’s attention by differentiating their brand from other standard packaging and can be used for a variety of applications – including pharmaceutical injectables, vaccines, food packaging, beverage labels, battery testers, thermometers, sterilization indicators and fluid level indicators.


  • Drives brand awareness and consumer engagement
  • Indicates optimal temperature for food and beverage consumption or product use
  • Promotes food safety and disinfection indica­tors
  • Offers fraud detection and anti-counterfeit measures
  • Demonstrates product temperature was maintained at ideal levels
  • Supports brand protection

With Gintzler International, this technology is available for both pressure sensitive and shrink sleeve labels, and the colors and temperatures can be customized based on the desired application.

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January 2017 – The New Gintzler International App Demonstrates the Power of Interactive Labels

Interactive Labels

Gintzler International is pleased to introduce another cutting-edge and exciting offering:  a new mobile app now available for download on iOS and Android that gives users the power to stay connected and interact with digitally-enabled packaging anytime and anywhere!

The application allows clients to efficiently learn more about Gintzler’s innovative packaging solutions to help brand owners sell more products.  Users are able to contact a Gintzler International packaging specialist for consultation, watch our company video, browse our official website, and instantly scan both visible and non-visible digital codes for interactive packaging. 

Scan this month’s calendar image with our new Gintzler International app and be quickly directed to customized and relevant content.  This digital experience demonstrates how Gintzler can help brand owners incorporate this technology into their own packaging and give their consumers instant access to product and nutritional information, digital coupons, product videos, medical dosage/scheduling information, interactive games, cross branded promotions, and more.  

Through the use of a patented interactive mobile technology, combined with our proprietary print process, Gintzler International provides marketers a unique way to interact with consumers using their mobile phones or tablets.  We can apply this digitally-enabled print technology to virtually any material, and it is imperceptible to the human eye.

The software is capable of running on both iOS and Android platforms, and has endless possibilities for consumer product goods companies, pharmaceutical manufacturers and retailers, all while enriching the overall experience for the consumer.  Talk to the experts at Gintzler to see how this smart packaging technology can be used to help extend shelf life, monitor freshness, display information on quality, improve safety, and enhance overall convenience.

Download our free app today to access the latest information on Gintzler International and learn more about our interactive mobile technology!

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December 2016 – Soft Touch

Soft Touch

UV soft touch coating creates a subtle, velvety texture that adds richness and sophistication to printed pieces.  When incorporated into packaging, this innovative technique allows the substrate to gain distinction with its matte appearance, become soft to the touch and immediately elicit an inquisitive response from consumers due to its unique tactile properties and unexpected feel.


  • Increases the engagement with consumers due to its tactile sensation. 
  • Presents a cost effective alternative to matte UV coating or lamination
  • Creates a barrier which is fingerprint resistant and protects the material from scuff marks
  • Supports environmentally-friendly initiatives – zero VOC content and can be easily recycled

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November 2016 - Scented Coatings

November 2016 - Scented Coatings

Brand managers looking for maximum impact know how effective scent activation in packaging can be, using the power of sampling and interactivity.  By integrating scent into product packaging, marketers create an emotional connection in consumers and help to promote brand loyalty.

Gintzler International offers transparent, scented varnish that prints in-line and can be incorporated into product packaging to influence consumer buying behavior.  Scent marketing makes packages more informative, interactive and helps the consumer make better informed purchasing decisions.  It can also help prevent consumers from opening packages and damaging products to experience the scent.

Benefits of Fragrance Packaging:

  • Drives higher recall and brand awareness
  • Improves the effectiveness of packaging and its message
  • Promotes interactivity
  • Enhances the overall consumer experience

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October 2016 – Glow-in-the-Dark Inks


Glow-in-the Dark Inks are a great way to create unique packaging and capture the attention of consumers!  Whether you use it to design eye-catching holiday packages, include hidden messages, or add an element of surprise for a special promotion, glow-in-the-dark inks can transform your custom packaging into a fun and interactive experience.

Glow packaging incorporates a special decorating ink with phosphorescent pigments that emit a green glow when in dark environments.  The specialty inks can be applied to emphasize important packaging graphics.

Contact a Gintzler packaging specialist today to discuss how this creative marketing strategy can add extra flare to your packaging and get your brand noticed!

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September 2016 – Hot Stamp

Hot Stamp

Hot stamp foil delivers a luxuriously rich, raised look.  Very fine lines and text can be incorporated into packaging designs, in many different colors and patterns. 

To achieve this high end look, a die of the design to be foiled is mounted above the substrate and is then heated.  The hot stamp foil, a metalized PET film with a heat activated adhesive, runs between the die and substrate.  When pressure is applied from the die onto the material, the foil is fixed to the substrate’s surface.  Because pressure is a main ingredient to hot foiling, the foil has dimension and a distinct feel.

Contact a Gintzler representative today for more information on hot foil stamping.

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August 2016 – MotionCoat™ Technology

August 2016

Gintzler International is excited to announce the addition of MotionCoat™ to our extensive list of product offerings.  This innovative technology, recently introduced by ACTEGA North America, is a patent pending UV coating system that can achieve amazing motion-like images to service a variety of consumer goods markets.  The specialty coating provides brand owners the opportunity to incorporate a wide array of attention-grabbing design elements into their print packaging, without the need for specialized software or capital investments.

Are you looking to add an eye-catching element to your product’s packaging?  Contact a Gintzler representative today!  Email for more information.

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July 2016 – Linen Paper and Other Premium Substrates

July 2016 - Linen Paper and Other Premium Substrates

In order to differentiate your brand from all others on store shelves, packaging must be meticulously designed and printed to convey the same level of excellence as the product within it.  By utilizing premium substrates that exhibit custom colors and rich textures, you can effectively communicate your product’s unique style, distinctive originality, and superior quality to make consumers want to engage with your brand.  In July, for instance, we are featuring Linen paper on our calendars, which displays soft color and subtle texture.

At Gintzler International, we are continuously researching and testing new substrates to provide our clients with the best material solution for their custom packaging project.  Product offerings include papers, films, thermals, coupon stocks, destructible materials, environmentally-friendly papers, as well as a wide array of specialty substrates.

Contact a Gintzler Packaging Specialist today to explore material options for your next packaging project.

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June 2016 - Cast and Cure

Cast & Cure

Cast and Cure technology is a cost-effective and environmentally-friendly inline printing process that produces high-gloss, holographic effects through the use of UV coatings and specialty films.

While Cast and Cure is an excellent option for adding visual impact to packaging, this decorative coating process can also be customized with security and anti-counterfeiting features to protect brand identity. 

Cast and Cure enhances the intensity of your printed piece while delivering sustainable benefits.  By using UV inks and varnishes, there are no harmful VOCs emitted into the environment.  In addition, casting film makes packages more recyclable by eliminating the laminated metalized films used in traditional holographic substrates.  Casting films are also able to be reused several times, thereby reducing the carbon footprint.

If you are looking for a high-impact, sustainable printing solution for you packaging application, contact a Gintzler Representative today.

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May 2016 – Grit Texture

May 2016 - Grit Texture

UV grit texture coating is uniquely formulated to bring surfaces to life by providing a sand-like, tactile feel.  The grit texture adds depth and dimension to your product’s packaging to create a raised appearance and captivate consumers.

Contact a Gintzler Packaging Specialist today to explore more ideas on how to enhance your brand, demand customer attention, and leave long-lasting consumer impact.

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April 2016 – Varnish Treatments

Besides providing a protective layer to inks and substrates, varnish treatments are a great way to decorate packages, deliver precise clarity, offer outstanding flexibility, and set your product apart from others on store shelves.

Varnishes may be gloss or matte, flood or spot coated to add contrast, depth, and texture to packaging designs.  Whether the goal is a subdued matte finish or a high gloss shine, incredible effects can be achieved using this technique. 

Multiple decorative spot varnishes can also be combined to create a package that is both unique and attention grabbing.  For instance, when both gloss and matte finishes are incorporated into the same printed piece, designers can maximize the visual contrast between areas and create a great impact on the appearance of the product packaging.

Contact a Gintzler representative today to learn more about the various varnish treatments available for your next packaging application.

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March 2016 – Glitter Rotary Screen

Gintzler March 2016

Screen printing is ideal for wherever a high degree of coverage, precise detail, and color intensity are desired to obtain a brilliant, superior-quality image.  Glitter is an example of a screen printing application that allows designers to create unique, specialized effects with various colors, shapes, and dimensions.

While glitter rotary screen may be utilized in a variety of markets, the high-sparkle effect of glitter is often incorporated into beverage and health and beauty packaging designs to keep product lines fresh, modern, and eye-catching.

If you are looking for a stunning new look to make your product jump off store shelves, consider glitter rotary screen for your next design project.  Our packaging specialists are ready to guide and assist you!  Contact us at for a consultation today.

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February 2016 – Fluorescent Inks and Materials

Fluorescent inks and materials provide bright and vibrant color to help differentiate your products from the competition on store shelves.  Available in a multitude of colors and options, Gintzler can provide packaging with stunning shelf appeal that is as versatile as it is functional. 

Besides prime labeling, fluorescent inks and materials are often used to attract the consumer’s eye for promotions and direct mail campaigns.  By incorporating these bold colors, the packaging is specifically designed to demand attention and tap into the customer’s impulse with immediate shelf impact.  Visual colors are critical in signaling emotion in consumers and calling them to action.

Fluorescent packaging can also effectively communicate important data such as inventory levels, safety warnings, and “use by or expiration” dates.  This provides consumers with confidence in the product they are purchasing, in addition to improving supply chain visibility, waste reduction, and freshness labeling.

Are you looking to add extra impact to your packaging?  If so, Gintzler can help!  Email for more information.

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January 2016 – Hinged Labels

Hinged labels are produced by joining together multiple webs to create a product with up to three times more surface area than a traditional label.  These constructions offer a viable solution to packagers faced with the challenge of incorporating increased copy in limited spaces, which can also be peeled and resealed for repeated reference.

Available in endless material combinations for every label application, hinged labels provide additional panels for:

  • directions
  • drug facts
  • multilingual instructions
  • nutritional information
  • warning statements

No challenge is too big, and no area is too small!  Gintzler’s hinged labels are specially designed to meet the requests of our customers.  Contact us for more information.

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