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Color Terminology
MAY 17, 2017

Color Terminology

Color is a key component in the function of packaging design.  Picking the right colors in any design is crucial to how a product is portrayed in the consumer's mind and in differentiating one product from another.  Because the majority of packaging printing concerns the development of colored images, it is important to have a basic unde...

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Product Life-Cycle
MAY 10, 2017

Printing to Manage the Product Life-Cycle

The life story of most successful products is a history of their passing through certain recognizable stages.  This product life cycle is an important concept in marketing and refers to the different phases a product goes through – from introduction to withdrawal from the market.  The four main stages of the product life cycle ...

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POP Products
MAY 3, 2017

Calling Consumer Attention

When it comes to marketing, point-of-purchase (POP) products are specially designed to draw the consumer’s attention to new products and exclusive offers, as well as to promote special events such as seasonal or holiday-time sales.  Offerings include, but are not limited to:  Hang Tags – These little point-of-sale powerhous...

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Tire Labels
APR 26, 2017

Case Study: Providing a Solution for a Global Automotive Supplier

Executive Summary:  A large international automotive supplier and tire manufacturer experienced complications within several of their plants with labels provided by another supplier.  The issue involved labels not being able to run through their automatic label applicator equipment. Challenges: The tire manufacturer faced two key i...

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Process for Pharmaceutical Label Manufacturing
APR 19, 2017

Our Process for Ethical RX and Consumer Healthcare Applications

Gintzler International guarantees innovation, quality, flexibility and accuracy in all that we produce. Our New York production facility is certified to ISO 13485:2003 and 9001:2008 standard guidelines to meet the stringent quality and service requirements of the medical and pharmaceutical industries.  Following is our process for ethical RX a...

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APR 12, 2017

SWAG – Gintzler Style

“Swag” has become the term of choice when describing a company’s go-to way of building brand awareness or connecting their offering with consumers.  Custom t-shirts, mugs, pens, and whatever we think might be “cool” at the moment helps marketers cost effectively promote a brand to a community, customers and even s...

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3D Imaging
APR 5, 2017

3D Imaging For Shrink Sleeve Applications

Printed shrink sleeves have continued to grow in popularity, as they offer brand owners a great opportunity to create eye-catching, 360-degree package coverage to guarantee maximum impact on store shelves. Still, designing shrink sleeves can pose slight challenges, as the process can sometimes be labor intensive and may involve a number of trial a...

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MAR 29, 2017

Tracking Exposure to Time and Temperature Using Near Field Communication (NFC)

Near Field Communication (NFC) is a technology that provides a direct link between brands and the consumer.  NFC utilizes smart phone technology, giving marketers the ability to drive value to consumers by providing video tutorials, coupons, product use and information, special offers, or instructions in multiple languages.  Brand owners ...

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MAR 22, 2017

Managing Your Packaging Inventory & Obsolescence

In order to achieve growth targets and deliver on high working-capital requirements in today’s world, inventory management has become critically important.  Optimization is one of the key levers to boost working capital and cash flow, in addition to improving sales and customer service! Inventory is often a sizable portion of a company&...

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Brand Security
MAR 15, 2017

Case Study: Fraudulent Products in the Memory Chip Market

Executive Summary:  A global manufacturer of memory chips received reports from their return center regarding memory chips that were either missing, tampered with, or counterfeit.  The initial root cause analysis involved auditing various manufacturing sites throughout the world.  The manufacturer learned the issue existed at the dis...

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Floatable Shrink Sleeves
MAR 8, 2017

Increasing Sell Through and Meeting Standards of the Recycling Community with Shrink Packaging

With over 30,000 new CPG products launched each year, competition is high on the store shelf, with up to 73% of purchase decisions being made at the point of sale. With high demand, studies have shown that shrink sleeve labels can boost sales by as much as 20% and may decrease costs with additional copy space and blank containers. Features of Shri...

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Industrial Labels
MAR 1, 2017

Industrial Labels For Durable Goods

Industrial products require high-performance labels for long-term durability, adhesion and outdoor capability. Industrial labels are made with UL/CSA-compliant materials and provide excellent automotive chem­ical and UV resistance that can survive harsh environments, such as “under hood automotive.” These items are ideally suited fo...

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FEB 22, 2017

Convenience, Performance and Brand Appeal with Reclosure Labels

On-the-go consumers are demanding more convenient, easy-to-use functional packaging. Reclosure labels, also known as resealable labels, are used on packaging to keep products fresh after opening by limiting their exposure to the elements. The labels are an ideal solution for perishable products in the food and personal care markets since they exten...

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FDA Nutrition Facts Label
FEB 17, 2017

FDA Updates the Nutrition Facts Label

The FDA announced the updated Nutrition Facts label for packaged foods to reflect new scientific information, including the link between diet and chronic diseases such as obesity and heart disease.  The new label will replace the current version, which is more than 20 years old, and will make it easier for consumers to make better informed foo...

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FEB 8, 2017

Supporting Successful, Growing Companies

Gintzler is proud to share the success stories of our valued customers.  Following is the exciting account of Wondercide Natural  Products. In 2008, a beloved dog named Luna became deathly ill from conventional flea and tick treatment.  That is when Luna’s owner started a journey to create safe and effective alternatives to pe...

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